Bangkok's Top Must-See Attractions


Author: TripsGuard

While Thailand was once a haven for budget travelers, Covid19 devastated the tourism industry, which is only now starting to take tentative steps towards reopening.

Are you ready to get your tourist on in Bangkok? Whether you’re traveling alone or with the family, there are some attractions in Bangkok that you have to check out during your stay! So it's time to grab your camera and let’s get started! Here are Bangkok’s top must-see attractions!

The Grand Palace

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, The Grand Palace is a complex of historic buildings and monuments. Originally called the palace for reigning monarchs, it was built in 1782 by King Rama I (which is considered Bangkok's Golden Age).

Since then, various rulers have expanded and transformed The Grand Palace so that today it consists of several interconnected palaces.

In addition to functioning as home to many of Thailand’s Kings, both living and deceased, The Grand Palace has also served as an administrative building and a Buddhist Temple. Today it serves as a museum open to visitors; one way to tour it is on a traditional royal barge through its many canals.

Wat Pho

Thailand is one of those countries you'll want to spend a lot of time in. The food, culture, and attractions are not like anywhere else.

But if you're short on time and must choose only one or two attractions to visit in Bangkok, make sure to hit Wat Pho, also known as The Temple of Reclining Buddha.

A truly amazing structure with some incredible statues - Wat Pho will take your breath away. You can learn more about it here. And no matter what, don't forget to stop by Yum Yum ice cream before you leave!

It's quite possibly Thailand's best. This place is a must-see!

The Emporium Mall

Located on Sukhumvit Road, The Emporium is a luxury shopping mall with a wide range of high-end shops and restaurants.

Along with its sister mall Chatuchak Weekend Market, it offers some of Bangkok’s best retail therapy. You can buy almost anything here from jewelry to designer clothes to travel goods.

The mall also has a pleasant food court for lunch and dinner—the perfect spot for trying out some delicious local cuisine like Pad Thai noodles or Tom Yum soup.

And it’s not just about shopping here: in 2017, The Emporium was voted Thailand’s No. 1 Shopping Mall by TripAdvisor travelers!

Siam Paragon

This 400,000 square meter mall is home to one of Thailand’s most impressive collections of luxury shops. With five floors dedicated to high-end shopping and dining experiences as well as a 10 screen movie theater and 18,000 square meters of upscale lifestyle offerings there is something for everyone at Siam Paragon.

After you’ve seen all that Siam Paragon has to offer make sure to stop by at one of their many cafes or restaurants.

Their food court hosts a mix of local Thai foods, as well as some international favorites. There are plenty of restaurants on-site from which you can dine in and enjoy your meal while taking in all that Bangkok has to offer!

Jim Thompson House

A good way to see Bangkok, Jim Thompson House is located in a convenient area near some of Bangkok’s best shopping and restaurants.

Entry costs 20 Thai Baht ($0.60) and includes a ride in an air-conditioned, open-air tram around an English garden. The museum takes its name from Jim Thompson, a former U.S. intelligence officer who had lived in Thailand for two decades before disappearing in Malaysia in 1967.

Although he hasn’t been seen since his disappearance, evidence suggests that he was probably murdered by political rivals and not abducted as many believe to be true.

Wat Arun

The tower of a Buddhist temple, Wat Arun is also known as the Temple of Dawn and offers panoramic views of Bangkok. Visitors can climb up to its top and head back down via a long staircase with several photos stops along the way.

The sightlines are beautiful during sunset, especially when it’s foggy and you can see all of Bangkok’s buildings blanketed in layers of white.

You can even see other attractions, like the Chao Phraya River. Many travelers find that Wat Arun provides an ideal respite from being stuck on a crowded and bustling street or avenue; it’s quiet but also close enough to some action for those who want it.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

With over 6,000 stalls in a single weekend, Chatuchak Weekend Market is easily one of Bangkok’s most important attractions. Not only is it a great place to purchase new clothes and find trinkets you forgot you needed, but it’s also one of few places in Southeast Asia where food options run more than skin deep.