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Top Road Trips in Austria


Author: TripsGuard

The landlocked country of Austria has many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you want to discover the history and culture of the cities or the countryside, or you just want to enjoy a scenic drive through its mountains, Austria has something for everyone!

It’s easy to have your mini-vacation in this country with its rich history and fascinating people.

This guide will show you some of the best road trips in Austria!

Before you set out, it is advisable to check what the travel restrictions are in the country and whether it is necessary to perform a corona test.

A weekend trip to Salzburg

The trip to Salzburg, Austria is a wonderful idea if you’re traveling in a car. The city is located approximately two hours from Munich and Vienna.

Unlike many European cities that have become tourist traps, Salzburg remains beautiful and quaint.

It has been named one of Europe’s most livable cities for its accessibility and stunning vistas at every turn.

A day trip from Vienna to Hallstatt

Sure, Hallstatt is a 90-minute train ride from Vienna.

But if you’re traveling in a car and are looking for an easy day trip to take on your vacation, then you can consider making a road trip out of it by driving there yourself (in about two hours).

The payoff? A beautiful and serene town that sits at one end of a large lake and has plenty of hiking trails nearby.

Day trips from Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a beautiful town set on a large, oval-shaped lake and surrounded by tall mountains.

While it’s easy to spend several days exploring Innsbruck, why not take a day trip from Innsbruck and explore some of Austria’s other destinations? Here are a few suggestions for short road trips you can take.

A day trip from Graz

Graz, the capital of Styria, is also worth a stop.

You can either travel by car through Graz’s winding streets and across their historic bridge or take a tour through Graz on an audio guide. Highlights include Deutschordensschloss (former headquarters of Teutonic Knights), Landhaus (city hall), and Ruprechtskirche (church).

After you cross back over to Italy, there is plenty of more fun stops awaiting you in South Tyrol.

A day trip around Lake Constance

Lake Constance is right on Germany’s border with Switzerland and Austria, making it a tempting road trip destination.

A beautiful lake, Lake Constance offers some incredible views as well as a chance to learn more about three unique countries. It also includes an island full of mystery and an ominous medieval fortress that could double for Dracula’s castle.

Vienna -- Innsbruck via Berchtesgaden

The trip from Vienna to Innsbruck takes you through some of Austria’s most picturesque landscapes, including a majestic alpine pass and lush forested valleys.

If you have time, take a detour to Berchtesgaden for an authentic German Biergarten experience.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Stretching across two countries, from Germany to Austria, is one of Europe’s most spectacular drives.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, or Hohe Tauern Nationalstrasse as it’s officially known, is considered one of Europe’s best car trips for a reason.