10 Road Trips to Take in Finland


Author: TripsGuard

As Finland’s capital, Helsinki is an obvious must-see destination on any Finland road trip you take.

The city offers visitors the chance to explore its colorful streets by foot or by bike, and its incredible museums are an art lover’s dream come true.

If you want to hit the open road while you’re in Finland, there are plenty of beautiful spots to see along the way, such as the Turku Cathedral and Yyteri Beach.

This guide will walk you through all of the best destinations in Finland that are worth adding to your road trip itinerary.

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1) Drive south from Helsinki

The south of Finland is gorgeous and can easily be explored by car. If you want to get away from it all, head down from Helsinki through Kymi and on towards Kotka.

From there, head up north on a ferry that’ll take you to Tallinn. This is one of our favorite road trips through southern Finland.

2) Explore Åland Islands

The Åland Islands are a destination unto themselves. Just an hour’s ferry ride from Sweden, these idyllic islands offer some of northern Europe’s most dramatic landscapes and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, including cycling, kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking.

Located in between Sweden and Finland and reached by a bridge on main roads 61-72, exploring Åland is as easy as traveling by car along with one of its many scenic roads.

3) Drive north through Lapland

It’s possible to cross Sweden and Norway while driving northward, but it makes sense to spend some time exploring Lapland.

With long summer days, midnight sun, and winter temperatures that seldom drop below freezing, it’s a great destination for anyone looking for an outdoorsy road trip. Consider taking a boat up northernmost Norrbotten County.

4) Drive around Lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa is bigger than all of Finland’s lakes combined, which makes sense when you consider that it is also one of Europe’s largest. Even better, its scenery changes dramatically as you travel around it.

Hop in your car and follow these tips for a Lake Saimaa road trip.

5) East along Kemi

In Lapland, rent a car and travel east along E8. After a few hours, you’ll reach Inari—the spiritual center of Finnish Lapland.

This is where you’ll want to break off from E8 and take Rovaniemi–Ivalo Road west instead. Stay on it for about 60 kilometers until it reaches Ivalo, which has an airport that makes flying into Inari easy as pie (or should we say meat pie?).

6) North towards Oulu

Oulu is Finland’s fastest-growing city and can be reached in less than a day. If you plan it right, you can visit Oulu and drive north towards Lapland, arriving just after sunset.

Spend a few days exploring Oulu and then head out on your way to Rovaniemi.

7) West along Porvoo

Porvoo is a city in Southwestern Finland, located about 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Helsinki.

Travelers can make their way along Highway 3, or Route 27 if they’re looking for a quieter experience.

8) South towards Turku

The main city in Southwest Finland is Turku, a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

The city is home to numerous things to do, with restaurants, galleries, and museums throughout the city.

To get around Turku, it’s best to travel by car since you can then easily travel between different cities and have more flexibility with your time.

9) East through Tampere and Vaasa

This 500-mile journey starts at Tampere, one of Finland’s biggest cities.

On your way out of town, take a quick stop at Pyynikki tower, which offers some stunning views over Tampere and its surrounding lakes.

From there, head northeast on Highway 2 through Kuopio to Vaasa. The drive takes around 4 hours and boasts gorgeous countryside.

10) North towards Kajaani

Getting back into nature is never a bad idea, especially when you’re feeling run down.

If you’re looking for a peaceful journey with scenery that will take your breath away, try heading north towards Kajaani—one of Finland’s oldest cities, located on top of a hill with an expansive view of snowy mountain peaks on all sides.

Drive Safe!