The best road trip itineraries in Greece


Author: TripsGuard

A road trip in Greece can be an unforgettable experience if you can see some of the most breathtaking landscapes, from the famous Greek islands to the hills of central Greece and from the snowy peaks of the Pindus mountain range to the endless olive groves of Thessaly and Peloponnese.

However, if you don’t plan your route carefully enough, you might not have time to explore some of these places and miss out on some great experiences altogether!

Here are our top three recommendations for itineraries that will help you get the most out of your drive through Greece.

This is a pretty challenging itinerary to put together because it involves driving from one end of Greece to another.

If you have your car, and lots of free time, it’s well worth doing.

Make sure to check our Car Rental Tips and the current travel restrictions in Greece and Europe in general, now let's go!

Athens to the Peloponnese

From Athens to Olympia via Ancient Corinth and Mycenae (500 km, 5-7 days) This journey takes you through three of Greece’s most important regions: Attica, Corinthia, and Argolida.

Your road trip starts from Athens, then takes you south towards Ancient Corinth and its famous temple of Apollo.

The next destination is Mycenae where Agamemnon’s palace can be found.

This is one of Greece’s more popular road-trip routes, an epic journey across mainland Greece.

If you have at least 10 days, we recommend taking your time on it—it’s a long drive (about three hours), and it takes you to some of Greece’s most scenic destinations.

Peloponnese to the Ionian Islands

If you’re looking for somewhere off-the-beaten-track to explore during your time in Greece, then consider renting a car and embarking on a journey through its Peloponnese region.

This loop of islands at the bottom of Greece’s mainland is typically less crowded than some of Greece’s other more popular travel destinations.

The Peloponnese peninsula is home to one of Greece’s most famous road trips. The route starts at Nafplio and goes south through dozens of small towns until it ends in Nafplio, after a stunning drive down to Kalamata.

If you are looking for a road-trip alternative that involves fewer tourists, try Peloponnese to the Ionian Islands.

Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes

The perfect Greek road trip itinerary - Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes are some of Greece’s most famous islands, but they are by no means your only options when it comes to exploring one of Europe’s last unspoiled destinations.

If you have three weeks, or even just ten days, get ready for a whirlwind tour that will take you from one tip of the mainland to another and back again as you follow our ultimate Greek road trip itinerary.

For example, if you're short on time or planning an overnight trip (which is doable), head to Santorini and be sure to take a ferry tour around Akrotiri and see Oia before sunset.

Save Mykonos for your next trip — it's equally special but requires more time.