Some European countries are removing all COVID restrictions


Author: TripsGuard

After almost 2 years of pandemic and related travel rules and restrictions, some European countries are removing all Covid19 rules and travel restrictions, making travel and tourism more accessible to the general public.

Some European countries repeal the rules and regulations regarding the coronavirus, although the World Health Organization calls on governments to continue with the policies of the laws and protect the people with every tool possible.

Which Countries Are Removing The Covid Rules?

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark - All of these countries have lifted Covid 19 restrictions To classify the coronavirus as a disease that does not pose a major threat to society.

It comes after Denmark was the first country in Europe that lifted all of its Covid19 rules & restrictions on February 1st, despite Covid-19 cases rising.

According to the Danish government “COVID-19 can no longer be cataloged and classified as a critical disease for society”.

JHU data shows - More than 80% of Denmark's population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Jonas Gahr Støre - The Norwegian prime minister announced today that with immediate effect, there are no longer any requirements for testing and vaccination certificates when you enter the country.

Also, previous requirements for people to fill out a form - the digital registration form before their arrival in the country have also been removed.

These changes are coming despite the spread of the Omicron in Norway.

The removal of travel restrictions is a hope for the recovery of tourism for the coming spring and summer season.

What is more gratifying is the removal of restrictions within the country for Norwegian citizens, a change that came as a result of similar moves in neighboring countries - Sweden and Denmark.

In Sweden, according to the Johns Hopkins University, 73% of the population is fully vaccinated, most of the remaining restrictions due to the coronavirus have been lifted, including the requirements for social alienation, the restrictions on the number of max people that can gather in one place and the use of a vaccine passport.

In the UK, the government wants to repeal the law requiring people to remain in isolation if there is a positive result to a COVID test.

Officials in the World Health Organization (WHO) warn it is too early.