The Best Road Trips in Norway


Author: TripsGuard

How do you take in the sights and sounds of an entire country without getting in your car? You could spend weeks exploring Norway on foot, but to get to know the landscape and culture, nothing beats going on a road trip through this northern European nation.

Here are some of the best road trips to take through Norway when you’re visiting the country.

Before renting a car, make sure you check out our tips for car rental, and also make sure you know the latest travel updates in Norway.

Preikestolen (aka Pulpit Rock)

Located on one of Norway’s most stunning fjords, Preikestolen is a popular hiking destination—but it’s also accessible by car.

Though only a short drive from Stavanger, plan to take 2-3 hours to get there; stop at some of Norway’s tiny towns and charming fishing villages along the way.


Believe it or not, Norway boasts over 1,000 fjords. With jaw-dropping views at every turn and some of Europe’s best wildlife watching, Geirangerfjord is a popular destination for road trippers who prefer to stop and smell (and see) all of Norway’s breathtaking scenery. The scenery won’t be fully appreciated without getting out of your car.

Trolltunga (Troll's tongue)

Stretching out over 700 meters (2,300 feet) above lake Ringedalsvatnet, Trolltunga—or Troll's tongue—is one of Norway's most epic scenic viewpoints. More than just a great selfie spot, though, it is an area of huge geological and cultural significance.


This is one of those underrated places that tourists don’t seem to know about, but that locals think is a gem. The area surrounding Vøringsfossen has more than 70 waterfalls and is surrounded by mountains, meaning it’s easy to find secluded spots for hiking and walking.

It’s also home to one of Norway’s most unique waterfalls—the top of which disappears into thin air during winter months.


Located just outside of Lom, a small town along Norwegian Route 7, you’ll find Drangedalsfossen, one of Norway’s most incredible waterfalls.

You can get to Drangedalsfossen by driving up to Storlidalen on Route 7 and walking about 40 minutes from there.

Take a bunch of hiking snacks and take your time on that walk; you won’t regret it!


The Nærøyfjord is one of Norway’s most spectacular sights. To reach it, you’ll need to take a road trip along an incredible stretch of single-lane highway—but don’t worry: It won’t be much trouble.

The route is smooth and well maintained, and while it’s not short at 55 miles (88 km), you can complete it quickly if you drive nonstop.

Flåm Railway

Flåm is a municipality that lies on both sides of Flåmsbana, a railway line that runs between Myrdal and Flåm. The railway runs through some of Norway's most beautiful scenery; from steep mountainsides, to narrow valleys and bridges.

In addition to witnessing its breathtaking beauty, you can also take advantage of a 7 km hiking trail between Norddalsfjorden and another fjord called Nærøyfjorden.

Besseggen Hiking Trail

The Besseggen Hiking Trail, also known as Besseggen Ridge or just Besseggen, is a hiking trail that connects Gjendesheim to Tyrifjorden.

The trail is part of Norges Skikrforbund’s route number 8, is approximately 10 kilometers long, and takes around six hours to hike, depending on your speed.

Helgelandskysten (Helgeland Coastline)

Spanning from Dunderland to Svolvær, Helgelandskysten is one of Norway’s most beautiful coastlines. It has everything you could Imagine on a road trip: rich history, charming towns and villages, stunning views of fjords, and epic hiking.

You’ll never get bored exploring all that it has to offer. See my favorite parts of Helgelandskysten below! ​

Lysefjorden Ferry Tour

Lysefjorden is one of Norway’s most famous fjords and an absolute must-see for any visitor to Bergen. From mid-June through August, there is a ferry that travels between Tau (about 30 minutes south of Bergen) and Lysebotn daily.

The views are stunning and it’s easy to imagine why so many choose to visit Bergen solely for such a viewpoint.

Travel safely!