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6 Travel Useful Tips While Travelling During COVID-19


Author: TripsGuard

Traveling during covid-19 can be an awesome experience if you plan your trip right, but if you’re not careful, it can also be super expensive and stressful if you don’t. To help out with this, here are a few useful tips on how to stay safe while traveling during covid-19.

Flights - What are the conditions in case of flight cancellation

When purchasing a ticket, most airlines will require a credit card to reserve and hold your seat. In case of a flight cancellation, you must go to customer service immediately. If you’re traveling with children under 2 years old, there are airline rules that must be followed if they are traveling without their parents. For example, United Airlines allows unaccompanied minors on their flights up to 14 days before or after their birthdays—if they meet certain age restrictions and have proper documentation.

Make sure the terms of the change or cancellation are relatively favorable, the situation is constantly changing so it is important to protect your money. A lot of airlines offer to add a few dollars for insurance - it's worth it!

Hotels - It is recommended to book only those with the option of free cancellation

If you must travel during Covid-19, we recommend that you choose a hotel with a flexible cancellation policy in case of emergencies. During these dates, many hotels will be booked full or closed for private events. Canceling your reservation may result in higher charges for other accommodations.

Most major booking sites allow cancellation almost free or completely free just a few days before the arrival date, so it is better to pay a little more than to take a cheaper deal without the cancellation option. Book only hotels with a very flexible cancellation option, Unlike flights, with hotels it is simpler, it is usually possible to cancel or change without the need for a representative, directly from your booking confirmation.

If you are flying to your destination, be sure to book with cancellation insurance in case of any last minute changes. Flyparks, have the option for cancellation insurance for a small fee for those who are travelling from Australia or New Zealand and are driving to the airport and provides great deals on airport parking throughout Australia and New Zealand. So if you are looking for the best rates around Australia, NZ or even Sydney Airport Parking, then check out their site.

Documents and Covid-19 tests

This is an important time to review all your travel documents, including your insurance and identification. If you’re traveling abroad for vacation, don’t forget your passport! It may sound like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to travel documents and identification. Additionally, if you have any questions about Covid-19 tests or need additional information regarding clearance of medical tests following requirements of a certain country you are visiting or living in contact us here.

Make sure in advance what documents you need to fill out and present at the entrance to the country and what the tests need to be done. Quite a few people are staying at the airport since they did not bring the correct document to enter.

Get Travel Insurance

One of Covid’s most important travel tips is to remember that you need travel insurance—even if you already have health insurance. Even if your health plan covers part of your trip, it might not cover all of it. Medical emergencies can be extremely expensive, so knowing that you have help in case something goes wrong can put your mind at ease.

In case you might catch Corona or any other medical need - take such an option very seriously and take out travel insurance before the trip which covers all the options including the Corona option. Too bad you pay thousands of dollars for medical treatment not in your country, accommodation, and flight changes because you got infected in Corona and you do not have insurance.

What is the condition of the COVID-19 at the destination I am traveling to

Many times it is possible to enter a certain country but there are full restrictions, for example, places of entertainment are not open or everything closes at 17:00, etc., so why travel to this destination at all? All kinds of restrictions such as these can ruin the trip, check carefully what the situation is at the destination you are traveling to, and the fact that you can enter it is not enough.

What do I need before I go back home

Last but not least - Make sure in advance where you can do corona tests before you return home and how much it costs you, days and hours of operation, If it's a Saturday or a holiday where are there open places for corona tests at all? Make time for it on your trip and a budget.

Travel safely :)