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Four Spectacular Road Trips in England


Author: TripsGuard

The UK might be small in size, but there’s so much to see and do across the country that you could easily spend your whole life exploring it and still never see everything that’s on offer.

The landscape changes dramatically as you travel from North to South, too – the rolling hills of the Lake District are very different from the coastline near Brighton, for example.

Whether you’re spending your vacation in England or have already moved there, these four spectacular road trips will give you a taste of just how varied the country can be.

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Spectacular English Countryside Drive

These days, England’s countryside has become a magnet for tourists on road trips. With its steep hills and winding roads (there are few straightaways), it is not surprising why so many people have dubbed these routes driving nirvana.

To get a taste of what makes them so spectacular, take to some of England’s country drives.

Arundel Castle with its Famous Maze

One of England’s most spectacular castles, Arundel Castle is built on a rocky crag above a small town by the same name. It's also home to one of England's most popular attractions: a famous hedge maze.

More than 1,000 feet across and over 600 years old, it's not for those with a poor sense of direction—you'll get lost easily if you can't follow simple directions.

Brighton Beach Break

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Britain, then a trip to Brighton Beach is an absolute must. This scenic seaside town boasts a boardwalk, restaurants, and shops, as well as attractions such as Brighton Pier and Royal Pavilion.

Take it from us: You can stroll along Brighton Beach for hours at a time without getting bored.

The Perfect Oxford Day Trip

Oxford is one of England’s most popular road trip destinations and with good reason.

Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand why: It boasts architectural marvels like Christ Church College, quiet nooks to sit and read under a tree (or somewhere else on a bench), and its very own dreaming spires – Oxford’s historic skyline can be viewed from anywhere within city limits.

The Perfect London Day Trip

This three-day tour takes you through all of London’s key attractions. You’ll spend half a day exploring and enjoying Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament Square.

Then get ready for one of London’s best perks: You can hop on a double-decker bus for free to see St. Paul’s Cathedral and many other historical buildings that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible via public transportation!

Or a Short Journey to Windsor and Eton College (1-2 hours)... Windsor Castle is one of London’s most spectacular attractions and has been home to 26 monarchs for over 900 years of history.

You can tour around for several hours, but if you only have a few hours you’ll want to head over to nearby Eton College which has been educating some of Britain’s most influential figures since 1440!