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Top Tips for a Successful Ski Vacation


Author: TripsGuard

Planning your next ski vacation can be an overwhelming task, especially if you haven’t been on one in a while (Yes, Covid19 is still here). With everything from airline tickets to ski gear to finding time to train, it’s tough to remember it all!

Whether you’re looking to have the trip of a lifetime or are just going with friends and family, here are some top tips and hacks to make your next ski vacation the best one yet!

Bring the Right Gear

Ski vacations are all about having fun, so don’t bring too much gear.

Heavy luggage can bog you down, which is why it’s a good idea to leave your golf clubs at home and instead bring ski essentials like gloves and face masks.

To make sure you have everything you need for an awesome vacation, check out our blog post: tips on Winter Travel Packing Tips and Hacks.

Ski Deals and Packages

Last-minute deals and packages are your best bet for snagging discounted lift tickets.

Some ski resorts have last-minute discounts on their websites, but deals can also be found by checking Groupon and LivingSocial, which often list resort specials.

Ski Clothing Essentials

Ski clothing should be comfortable and lightweight. Synthetic or wool fabrics are ideal because they’re both breathable and insulating—meaning you won’t have to worry about feeling hot, even if it’s warm out, or cold, even if it’s sunny.

Keep in mind that different activities require different types of clothing—the best ski pants are insulated but aren’t ideal for other sports like hiking because they’re too bulky.

Weather Conditions

Weather can be a critical factor when planning your next ski vacation. Be sure to check with resorts on average weather conditions and search online to see if there are any expected storms or bad weather alerts in any areas you plan to visit.

The type of precipitation that’s falling is also important—snow, sleet, and rain can all cause problems for skiing. Knowing what kind of precipitation is forecasted will help you pack accordingly as well.

Snow Safety

The most important piece of safety equipment you’ll need on your ski vacation is an avalanche transceiver. Avalanches kill about one hundred people every year in North America, and unless you’re willing to risk that fate, it’s important to stay safe on the slopes.

Bringing Children on a Ski Trip

If you’re traveling with children, there are a few things to consider before hitting the slopes. Most families with young children skip their ski trips entirely because they don’t want to deal with lodging, transportation, childcare, and food.

Instead of skipping your ski trip, however, there are plenty of ways to bring kids and make sure that everyone has fun on your next family ski trip. Here are some top tips for traveling with kids on your next ski vacation:

- Pack lots of toys.

- Try traveling in shoulder seasons.

- Split days between skiing and non-skiing activities.

Eating Well On A Ski Trip

How To Eat Healthy On The Slopes: When you’re not sitting at your desk, surrounded by takeout options, how can you eat healthy on vacation? Plan ahead.

Cook up leftovers from home and freeze them so they don’t go to waste (and thaw in time for lunch!).

Snack on dried fruit and nuts to stave off hunger pangs. Go out of your way to hit up a farmer’s market or grocery store.

Where To Stay For The Best Experience

Stay in a condo or hotel in Aspen Colorado, Vail, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, or Winter Park. While they’re all close to each other and have plenty of skiing/snowboarding options nearby, each has its vibe: Breckenridge is bigger and livelier than Vail; Aspen is quieter and more laid-back than both of them.

If you’re looking for less of a party scene and more mountain luxury, stick with Winter Park and Steamboat.

Chamonix, France is perfect for beginners. It’s small, and there are lots of wide-open spaces without many people around; you can take your time learning how to use your skis or snowboard without worrying about hitting anyone or being hit by anyone.

How To Get Around The Resort

There are many ways to get around your resort from ski lifts, taxis, and buses. If you don’t want to spend your vacation waiting in line at public transit stations it’s best to purchase an all-mountain lift pass so you can use all of these forms of transportation.

Finally, before you go on your next ski vacation, check out the travel restrictions for the destination you are traveling to and what are the latest updates regarding COVID19