Almost all COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted in Ireland


Author: TripsGuard

According to the Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin, the Irish government has agreed to lift almost all of its Covid-19 restrictions as of last weekend.

"Today is a good day," Mr. Martin said, adding that the Republic of Ireland had "weathered the Omicron storm" at a press conference.

Customers would no longer be required to present proof of Covid status in order to visit hospitality and entertainment facilities, according to him.

Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs will reopen at their regular hours.

Currently, bars, restaurants, movies, and theaters, as well as other hospitality and cultural establishments, must close by 20:00 local time.

Mr. Martin also announced that limitations on family gatherings will be lifted, as well as constraints on the number of individuals who might attend events.

Some restrictions, like wearing a mask on public transportation and in stores, will be in effect until the end of February.

On the risks of COVID-19, the government has been one of the most cautious in the European Union, imposing some of the most stringent travel and hospitality restrictions.

The requirement for vaccine certificates is also being phased out, though they will be kept for international travel.

To give employers time to prepare, the return to work will be phased in, and mask-wearing on public transportation will remain in effect for the next month.

On Friday, there was a tangible feeling of hope throughout the radios that the pandemic was now in retreat, with Omicron infections dropping and hospital numbers stabilizing.

However, after two years and 6,000 Covid-related deaths, some people were surprised by the speed of change.

Martin lauded the public's cooperation during the previous two years, saying: “I understand deeply the grief that is felt by so many who lost loved ones, but no one should be in any doubt that your collective efforts have saved many thousands of lives”.