Top 6 Most Spectacular Road Trips in Spain


Author: TripsGuard

Using these routes recommendations, you’ll be able to plan the perfect road trip through Spain, whether you’re doing it solo or with your family and friends. If you’re in the market for something different to do this year, why not start planning a road trip through this beautiful country? You won’t regret it!

keep in mind, Covid-19 is still here... so it is important to take this under consideration as well - here are some Top Car Rental Tips Before You Hit The Road, and don't forget to check the travel restrictions in Spain and in general in Europe.

1) Road Trip Through the Andalusian Countryside

Drive from Seville to Ronda, stopping for lunches of jamón ibérico de bellota. This drive is dotted with white villages and fields of green dotted with grazing sheep. Traveling south, you’ll pass through mountains on your way to Malaga and its beachy coastline, ending up on one of Spain’s most beautiful roads: Cabo de Gata. One word: spectacular!

2) Take a detour from Barcelona

Barcelona is a marvelous city, but to get a feel for Spain, you have to head out of town and into rural regions. Taking a leisurely drive along one of these scenic routes will allow you to see how locals live, while also providing breathtaking views and plenty of photo opportunities. Read on for our pick of six spectacular road trips.

3) Driving the Route of Santiago de Compostela

Compostela or The Field of Stars is what many call Santiago de Compostela. Also known as Saint James, Santiago is a pilgrimage site to many catholic followers. He was one of Jesus’ disciples and is often referred to as the apostle of Spain. The route of Compostela starts in France and ends at his tomb which sits next to a cathedral.

4) The Balearic Islands - A Different Kind of Island Road Trip

The Balearic Islands are a true road trip lover’s dream. On your way to see Gaudí’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, stop by some of Europe’s most spectacular beaches. The water is crystal clear and warm, and there are no big waves—making it ideal for beginning surfers and divers alike.

5) The Magical Villages of Galicia

Galicia is rich with stunning Spanish villages, from old fishing villages along the rugged coastline to centuries-old mountain towns. No matter where you decide to go, one thing remains constant: Galician people are some of Spain’s warmest and most welcoming. However, it’s important to note that many villages don’t have much more than a gas station and one or two restaurants. Because of their remote locations, many tourists only stop for lunch before continuing with their journey.

6) The Costa Brava Road Trip for Adventurers and Romantics

The Costa Brava is one of those destinations that you only hear about from friends or read about in glossy travel magazines. This striking stretch of coastline, located in eastern Catalonia, is undeniably gorgeous with its long, sandy beaches and craggy cliffs that jut out over dark blue waters. To truly get to know one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, hop behind the wheel for a road trip through these stunning mountains, chic villages, and charming seaside towns.