Top Tips and routes to Plan Your Road-Tripping on the US East Coast


Author: Tripsguard

If you’re planning to take a road trip across the US East Coast, you’ll have plenty of sights to see on your journey!

For many people, road-tripping across the US East Coast is one of the best ways to see some amazing sites, but it can also be one of the most stressful trips you’ll ever take if you’re not prepared properly.

Whether you’re going coast-to-coast or just driving around the area, here are some top tips to plan your trip wisely and not miss any must-see spots and routes!

Don’t forget to take your camera! And of course, do not forget to check the restrictions in the US, unfortunately, COVID-19 is still around…

Before you hit the road

There are a few things you need to check before setting off. Here’s what you need to do and when.

Make sure you take some time to plan and anticipate the unexpected and properly prepare for your time on the road.

Make sure the vehicle is ready to go, full or full enough fuel tank to the next gas station, the air in wheels, oil, and water, do not drive too many hours and make time for breaks, no matter what do not drive tired, make sure you have masks and hand sanitizer on hand and if necessary documents More for hotels on the way, prepare in advance.

You can also combine the road with public transport such as trains or buses, be sure to check the departure times, whether you need to buy tickets in advance online or you can also buy at the ticket offices instead, and of course headphones on the road...

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From Boston To Washington D.C.

If you’re planning a road trip across America’s east coast, you might be intimidated by how daunting it sounds.

Let me break it down for you. I recently traveled from Boston, Massachusetts, all the way to Washington D.C., and while there are a few things I wish I knew before taking my first big cross-country trip, overall it was an enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Boston is situated in New England and is surrounded by two bodies of water, namely Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay.

The city’s most popular attraction is arguably its Freedom Trail. It’s a 2.5-mile walking tour of 16 sites that depict significant events in American history as well as many historical landmarks, including Faneuil Hall (site of several famous speeches) and Paul Revere’s House, it makes for a great day trip.

From Washington D.C. To Philadelphia

Here's The Quickest Route To Philadelphia From D.C.: Take I-95 South. When you reach Baltimore, take I-395 South and follow signs for Annapolis.

Just south of Annapolis is Route 50 South, which will take you right into Philadelphia. The trip takes about two hours and 15 minutes total at normal traffic speeds. For reference, it takes just over an hour using Amtrak.

From Philadelphia To New York City

Take New Jersey Turnpike South for about 5.5 miles, Exit #4. Follow signs for Newark Airport and merge onto McCarter Highway/US 1 South.

Take exit for Garden State Parkway South towards Philadelphia/Atlantic City. Take Garden State Parkway South for about 40 miles; keep left at the fork and follow signs for New York City, eventually merging onto I-95 S/US 1 S toward Elizabeth NJ/Philadelphia PA.

From New York City To Niagara Falls

New York City, NY Upon arriving in New York City, it is recommended that you immediately visit Central Park.

With its scenic views and history of being a people’s park (it was specifically created for public use), Central Park is a must when visiting New York City.

As one of the most visited sites in all of North America, there will surely be many people walking and playing here.

From New York City, you can get a bus or train out to Niagara Falls. (One note of caution: be careful when arriving at Penn Station in NYC — there have been reports of thieves targeting passengers exiting trains.)

Several shuttles will take you from New York City to Buffalo International Airport. If you’re driving yourself, be sure your vehicle is in good condition before heading out onto long stretches of highway.

From Miami to Key West

Most people who are taking a road trip on their own along U.S. Route 1 from Miami, Florida down through Key West take a bit of time in each city before moving on to their next destination.

This can create some problems for you if you’re trying to get straight from Miami to Key West without any stops along the way. There are some ways around it, however.

Have a safe and fun journey!