Top tips to plan your road-tripping on the West Coast


Author: Tripsguard

Today, flying has become a little more challenging than ever (Hey Covid-19, are you still here?), so a road trip is one of the most popular ways to see the United States, especially in the case of the West Coast.

Between amazing scenery, historic sites, and fun activities, there’s no way you won’t have an incredible time on your road trip.

Follow these tips to make sure your West Coast road trip is even better than you could have imagined!

Photo by Toni Tan on Unsplash

Before you go on your trip

Contact your insurance company and find out what you need to do before your trip. Check and ensure that you are covered for driving a rental car abroad. Make sure you have enough coverage from damage or theft.

In many cases, you won’t be able to take your car abroad without meeting special requirements—for example, if it is an older vehicle or has an unusual engine type. To avoid any extra complications on your trip, check with a professional before you go overseas.


Packing for a trip can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re leaving town for more than just a few days.

Do yourself a favor and get started well before your trip so you don’t have to stress about forgetting something.

Pack at least one extra outfit per day of travel, enough sunscreen, and any medication you may need during your travels, plus an umbrella or raincoat, depending on your destination.

Since COVID-19 is still a part of our lives, it is advisable to check what is open to visitors and what is not, what are the COVID limitations in the US, masks, and hand sanitizer that will always be within reach.

Driving tips

Make sure you don’t drive more than six hours a day. You may be excited about road-tripping and will want to see as much as possible, but driving for extended periods can take a toll on your body.

Try your best not to exceed 6 hours per day – give yourself and your car a break! This is essential for the rest of the trip.

We always advise you to travel with travel insurance – as you know, anything can happen while you are on the road, and an amazing road trip is a case to be on a better safe than sorry mode.

Where to stay

There are countless cities, towns, and natural attractions throughout California and Oregon that would be ideal for a road trip.

However, if you’re traveling with a group of people or are simply pressed for time (or both), consider booking a hotel that’s close to—but not right in—the city center. That way, you can sleep off your hangover or wake up early enough to make it back into town before heading out again.

Road trip itinerary

The United States’ Western coast is one of its best-kept secrets. You’ve probably heard of iconic cities like Las Vegas, California, and New York City. But what about Portland, Napa Valley, Crater Lake, San Francisco, and Seattle? National Parks? Pacific Coast Highway? These cities, roads, and spots are awesome—and they’re worth a trip across the country if you ask us.

Exploring every cranny and nook of the United States west coast is a huge project for a lifetime, yes a lifetime, not one (road) trip!

As tempting as it is to do and to add on additional driving to stop in one more small town or just one more national park(s), make sure that you have enough time to explore each spot and each destination rather than spending your trip driving a road trip from one spot to the next.